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    Manufacturer of Sand Control Screens For Oil and Gas Industry
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    We believe in providing products at a competitive value
    without compromising on quality to benefit the company and customers.
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    Jeonsure has complete engineering and screen manufacturing capabilities in the region to produce high
    technology oil & gas well completion screens & toolings for the critical sand control applications.

PPS Screen

PPS Screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe stainless steel filtration jacket with punched slots and end rings. Product Characteristic.Accurately controlled width:The width of the precise punched slot screen sAccurately contro…

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Wire-wrapped Screen

The wire-wrapped screen consists of perforated pipe outer jacket ,end ring and centralizer. Key-stone or house shape wires are simultaneously wrapped and welded to form uniform slots. The jacket is then placed over perforated pipe and we…

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PMC® Premium Screen

PMC Premium screen is the new generation of sand control screen researched and;manufactured by our company;it has the characteristic of simple in constructioneasy in operation high reliability high intensity and high permeability. Ⅰ、T…

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Slotted liner

Slots are made on base pipes with large ID/OD ratio. High mechanical strength high flexibility to allow adequate bending which makes it applicable in complicated well conditions and can be used in open-hole horizont…

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PVC-U Pipes

U-PVC水井管介绍 水井作为开发利用地下水资源的重要取水工程,在我国开发和利用地下水资源、发展农业灌溉和人畜用水方面起着巨大的作用。传统用于建造水井的管材以铸铁管、钢管…

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Water Treatment

一、Water Cap Available in a variety of standard designs or can be customer designed to meet yourrequirements. Material:304SS/316LSS/321SS/Hastelloy B and C 1、V 型绕丝双头管式水帽 材质:304SS、316LSS、 321SS、 哈氏合金…

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Perforated Pipe

Our company has two sets of special designed muiti-spinder drilling machine which has a capacity of more than 10000 meters per month. Rows Available with: any inch size or metric size such as 1Center 2Center 3Center 4center or 6 or 25mm…

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Pipe Perforation

JEONSURE can perforate pipe from small to large diameter with your custom designed hole to achieve a desired open area.…

Pre-pack Screen

JEONSURE have experience in manufacturing WWS pre-pack screen and PPS pre-pack screen.…

Slot tubes for chemical

Slot tubes are a special wire-wrapped screen used in chemical industry and water treatment which have a minimum OD of 25.4mm and a minimum slot width of 25um.…

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